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Our fine stained glass creations are used for both residential and commercial construction. We strive for excellence in originality, service and quality.

VitrauxStudio produces innovative, revolutionary and unique stained glass designs that not only meet but exceed the most demanding requirements from homeowners, designers, architects, contractors and builders. Our expertise and originality stems from the talents of our specialized designers, craftsmen and well-trained employees. We ensure consistent high quality designs by using advanced manufacturing equipment and processes combined with leading edge technology and specialized craftsmanship.

The key to our success is simple: while we've remained faithful to our roots— particularly in our deeply held traditional craft values and our work ethic, we've also grown to embrace new technologies and ideas —The result is beautiful and high quality stained glass.

The "VitrauxStudio" name is synonymous with unparalleled design, quality and service. The quality of all our products is guaranteed and this leads homeowners, professionals, architects, builders and remodeling contractors to consistently select VitrauxStudio for residential and commercial projects.

We believe that our quality is a reflection of our employees’ experience, craftsmanship and dedication, and it is built into every exclusive stained glass we design and produce. VitrauxStudio's  craftsmen are committed to excellence and take pride in producing high quality “handcrafted” stained glass.

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